The Minoan Jug Featuring a Swallow

The Minoan jug featuring a swallowdates back to 1600 BCE. It was found in the region of Thera, which is situated in the territory of modern Greece. It has a height of 184centimeters and a diameter of 147centimeters. It is well rounded with its mouth facing in an upward direction. The swallow depicted on this work of art represents the rainy seasons. The jug is an item of pottery with paintings of swallows on its wider region and thick lines around its neck. It has a narrow flat base with faint dark shadings around the neck of the base.

Thick horizontals join around the neck of the jug. The thick dark lines originate from around the handle of the jug, just next to the mouth, and spread out independently around the curvy part of the neck. There is a bold dotted line on the upper side of the jug’s neck. The upward orientation of the mouth resembles the image of a bird with its beak facing upwards. There is a thick vertical line along the mouth that originates from the handle of the jug. There is a bold dot at the end of the horizontal line, giving the impression of an eye on the mouth. The base of the jug has a thick dark line and another fainter line, both drawn around the base. The jug is a 3-D object and there are lines around its figure.

The middle part of the jug is in the form of a sphere and its base is circular. The jug narrows towards the neck. The neck is cylindrical in shape and has a circular mouth. The handle is also cylindrical in shape. It has a smooth bend connecting the mouth and the mid-part of the jug. The artist has alternated different shapes to form an asymmetrical object. The dominant shapes are spheres and cylinders. It is an object with a curvy design.

The surface of the jug is smooth. Touching it would give a hard feel as the object is made of clay. Obviously, the jug would seem cool and smooth since the artist has given its walls a fine finish. The artist is not trying to mimic any actual texture that might already exist. This piece of pottery is of an original style. The artist has not created any illusion of texture.

The shading that has been used by the artist is dull. He has used a blue background to give the work an impression of calmness. Little light has been used to illuminate the object and this has also given the work a feeling of calmness. The dark shading on the base of the object gives the object an ancient look. A vague shadow has been cast by the object and it has been represented by the use of faint shading.

The jug is grey and it has black drawings on it. These are only two colors that the artist used. They are strong dull colors that give the impression of calmness. The jug has a natural look that gives the effect of ancient times. The colors of the jug also imply that it is a water storage vessel.

The space and mass used by the artist draws the viewer’s eye beyond the picture plane into an illusion. The proportionality of the object, as reflected by the artist, gives the viewer an impression of a large original object. It causes the illusion of a heavy earthen vessel. The space used is a deep space. It is suggested by the scale of figures on the drawing. The large, curvy belly of the jug on the drawing implies that it is a large vessel with an equally big mass. The figure of the object does not overlap. The artist has used foreshortening as the actual size of the object cannot fit in a drawing. Its actual size is 147 centimeters in height and 184 centimeters in diameter.

This work of art is unique and interesting. The articulate use of nature has brought out the impression of calmness. The painting of a swallow on the belly of the jug makes the viewer visualize the presence of cool water in the vessel. The shape of the jug also reflects the beauty of nature. The mouth is shaped out like the head of a bird. The design intricately provides an illusion of ancient times with swallows flying and water flowing peacefully. The jug sits stably with its mouth looking up like a bird flying in the air in an upward stroke. The painting of a swallow and the thick lines on the neck of the jug portray motion. They give an illusion of a flying swallow. The mouth of the jug also implies motion as it resembles a flying bird.

The artist presented an outstanding work of art. The shape of the mouth of the jug with the painting that resembles an eye is unique. The swallows are a sign of life. They give life to the jug implying that the contents of the jug are meant to be a source of life.

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