An art history essay resembles a structure of any other types of essays that you have written before. Any essay that is written in accordance with the rules and standards of academic writing should be properly organized into paragraphs. To be more precise, the paragraph organization reflects the writer’s ability to logically structure and develop ideas. Therefore, in a good essay, the structure should be clear and comprehensive. However, when it comes to the development of an art history essay example, it has some specific features you should pay attention to. First of all, you should be familiar with the key concepts and terms related to the art essay topic. You should not only know their meaning in general but should also know how to use them correctly in writing and apply to the analysis.

Being well versed in the topic and knowledgeable about the basic notions of art concepts is one of the major steps towards how to write an art essay. Second, another challenge that may encounter you when you are writing an essay about art is the topic. If it was assigned to you by the professor, that’s great, but if you have to come up with the topic on your own, it may be a daunting experience. A correctly selected topic is half of the way to success. It should be interesting and intriguing to the reader as well as be appealing to you. If the topic is not interesting to you or if you do not have sufficient background knowledge on the chosen subject, you will hardly ever provide a quality paper. Last but not least, keep in mind: even if essay writing on art gives much freedom to the writer, it still has its own requirements that need to be followed. Therefore, before writing, make sure you understand the assignment prompt and know what the topic deals with.

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Reading Response

In the article “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, Walter Benjamin compares the film industry to painting and architecture. This comparison is appropriate in terms of [...]

Modern Japanese Art

Art is a unique form of beauty creation with human hands rather than by nature. Thus, art mirrors the culture of the country and its people, because it is a [...]

Government Spending and Tax Legislation

During the last years, the economy of the United States has come through the hard period of the world economic crisis. Actually, this period can also be marked as a [...]

Hindu Art in India

Early Hindu temples as asylums were associated with the cult of a deity. Their definite characteristic was the fact that they exhibited the main forms of the Vedic altar. At [...]

Where does Creativity Hide?

People can express their creativity in many ways. However, in order to recognize it, one needs to feel that push from the inside. Creativity is the process of making something [...]

The Simpsons

To begin with, I would like to present the topic of my essay and explain why it is appropriate for pop culture. So, as an example of present pop culture, [...]

Taoism in a Contemporary World

A concept of Taoism is widely-deployed in the today’s world. The given religious doctrine has a great number of adherence. Thus, it remains topical even though it was formed and [...]

Origins of the Native American Flute

It is considered that the Native Americans played an essential role in the evolution of the Native American culture in general. Some of its primary uses were healing, courtship, and [...]

Tim Burton

Tim Burton is an American film director, painter, screenwriter, producer and illustrator, born in 1958 in California. As a child, he watched horror movies by Roger Corman. His enrollment into [...]

Movie Analysis

It is a fact that all people die. That is why there are so many films in which directors turn to the topic of terminally ill people. Though the end [...]

Supernatural Elements in Macbeth Film Adaptations

The tragedy Macbeth by William Shakespeare was created in 1606. It was three years after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the accession to the throne of the son of [...]

Jerry Maguire

This paper focuses on the role of communication in the movie Jerry Maguire. It raises a lot of ethical issues, such as the value of the human relations. It examines [...]

Perception of Death in Everyman

Introduction Everyman is a drama play, centered on the aspects of morality. In the play, every character is significant for the plot’s development, in order to disclose the theme of morality. [...]

Calligraphy and Handwriting

In the modern technological age, people seem to get out of the habit of handwriting. Since their school years, students have got accustomed to typing on their cell phones, iPods, [...]

Extra Credit

The works chosen for this paper are currently exhibited at the Getty Center. The Engraved Gem Inset into a Hollow Ring (the first century B.C.) is one of the objects [...]


Imagine an amusement park late at night, with a fountain shining in the lights, carousels, roller coasters, and a Ferris wheel. Imagine a carnival of light that breaks the darkness. [...]

Isolation and Loneliness in Pixar’s Up

One should not doubt that Up, an animated movie released in 2009, is one of the best cartoons produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The story draws the audience's attention to [...]

Comparison and Contrast Art Essay

This essay will be devoted to a comparison and contrast analysis of the red figure column krater with two scenes (terracotta with slip, 480–460 BC) and Michele Tosini’s Saint Mary [...]

The Italian Renaissance

Question One On the first day, the third story by Boccaccio revolves around Saladin, the sultan of Babylon, and a rich Jew named Melchisedech. Despite his humble beginning, the sultan was [...]

Primitivism as an Effective Method of Depicting Nature

At the end of the nineteenth century, many artists became increasingly interested in the so-called primitivism art – paintings and sculpture of the societies that were  inferior to Europe in [...]

Eisenstein Film Making Style

Eisenstein learned from Kuleshovin in the Soviet school of filmmaking believing in the Marxist theories of communism. Therefore, his filmmaking integrated the Soviet montage theories with the Marxists theories of class [...]


George Frideric Handel was a German-born British composer of the Baroque era. He is regarded as one of the finest Baroque composers and his music is a vital part of [...]

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