Essay Types
Various Types of Essays in College

Various higher educational establishments, including colleges, pay specific attention to their learners’ writing skills. Therefore, students are […]

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23rd May 2019
How to Write a Response Paper
How to Write a Response Paper

If you have been assigned a response essay, you need to be well versed in how to […]

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15th March 2019
How To Write A Catchy Movie Review
How To Write A Good Movie Review

The initial task of the writer is to inform the addressee about the release of the new […]

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23rd January 2019
Art Essay Writing Tips
How to Compose a Worthy Essay on Art

It may sound quite obvious, but one of the things pushing you to the further productive work […]

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23rd October 2018
Writing a Poem
How to Write a Poem

Poem writing requires talent and inspiration. True poets can easily find the necessary words and rhymes for […]

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26th September 2018
how to write a literary analysis
How to Write a Literature Essay

Literature can be easily likened to science which gives anyone writing about it boundless freedom-even when you […]

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27th July 2018

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