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Progressive Delivery

Control the writing process – get your paper in parts. Progressive delivery enables you to receive drafts throughout the writing process. This way you will be sure that the paper is written gradually and each writing stage is covered properly. Such supplementary service comes in handy for customers who order large papers (20+ double-spaced pages and 10+ single-spaced pages in length).

Benefits You Get:

  • You will get your paper in parts during the writing process and thus, will be able to send your remarks and comments regarding the paper organization, structure, and the overall layout of ideas.
  • You get assistance from a personal manager who also controls the writing process and communicates with your assigned writer on a regular basis.
  • Only top-rated writers and editors work on your paper.
  • Instead of just two days of free revision, you get 30 days.

How and When You Will Get Drafts*:

Our company has defined a specific procedure for receiving drafts depending on order urgency. In case the paper urgency is at least 12 days and more, a customer receives three drafts during the writing process. The first draft contains 25% of the total paper volume and is sent after 25% of the deadline is over. The second draft contains 50% of the total content and is sent when 50% of the deadline is over. The third draft paper equals to 75% of the paper content and is sent when 75% of the deadline is over.

If you want to order this service, you need to pay additional 15% towards to total paper sum.

*In case the client wants to modify the procedure of receiving drafts, he might propose an individual plan of this progressive delivery option and discuss this matter with the personal manager. 

Additionally Paid Services for Short Papers

  • Summary

When ordering this type of service, you will get a 300-word summary of your paper. In case you are required to report on your findings and the overall research you have conducted, this service will come in handy.

  • Draft

To monitor the process of writing, you might order a draft. As such, you will receive either a 300-word paper or a 600-word draft depending on whether you need a double-spaced or a single-spaced paper and it will be sent to you when 50% of the order deadline is over.

  • Extended Revision

While you are given two days to send a free revision request, by ordering this service, you will get the whole 14 days for free revision requests.

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